[2015] Religion and Nationalism Workshop 1

Workshop Theme

Political modernity is often said to start with the prolonged endeavor to grapple with the intricate relationship between politics and religion, with the result of introducing political secularism as a main pillar of modern politics. Political secularism has been believed to have put an end to the issue of “religion and politics.” Yet, the resurgence of religion is now witnessed globally. Religion is accordingly one of the central topics in international relations and political theory. Facing the religious resurgence, it is natural that contemporary political theory should show a growing interest in issues of religion, as is exemplified by Jürgen Habermas’ recent work on a “post-secular” society. Closely related to the attempts to reconsider the political principle of secularism is an increased awareness about “multiple histories of secularism” (Nader Hashemi)—the recognition of multiple paths of political modernity and secularism even within the West as well as among non-Western regions. As a result, the need to explore differences and commonalities in these multiple political modernities is sharply felt. Such exploration is a necessary condition to reconsider and theorize the relationship between religion and politics.

Sponsored by International Christian University and Sophia University


Opening Remarks (10:30-11:00)
Dr. Takashi Kibe (Professor, ICU)
Dr. Giorgio Shani (Senior Associate Professor, ICU)

Session I: Religion and Nationalism in Non-Western Perspectives (11:00- -13:00)
Moderator: Dr. Shani
Dr. Sudipta Kaviraj (Professor, Columbia University, USA)
“Tagore and Critical Nationalism”
Dr. Takashi Kibe (Professor, ICU)
“The Irony of Secularist Nation-Building in Japanese Modernity: Inoue Kowashi
and Fukuzawa Yukichi”
Dr. Atsuko Ichijo (Associate Professor, Kingston University, UK)
“Moments of Subversion and Resistance: Unintended Consequences of
Nationalist/Imperialist Ideas in the Japanese Empire”
Lunch (13:00-14:00)

Session II: Religion and Nationalism in Comparative and Contemporary
Perspectives (14:00-16:40)
Moderator: Dr. Kibe
Dr. Takahiro Chino (Assistant Professor, Waseda University, Japan)
“Gramsci and Tosaka: Common Sense, Religion, and Politics”
Dr. Jun-Hyeok Kwak (Associate Professor, Soongsil University, Republic of Korea)
“Religious Nationalism with Reciprocal Non-Domination: Ahn Changho’s
Humanitarian Cosmopolitanism”
Dr. Keiko Sakai (Professor, Chiba University)
“Sectarianism as a Product of Securitization: A Mechanism that Combines the
External Threat with the Enemy Within”
Dr. Shin Chiba (Professor, ICU)
“A Critique of Yasukuni Nationalism: Toward Reconciliation and Peace-building
in East Asia”

Coffee Break (16:40-17:00)

Feedback and Discussion on Book Project (17:00-17:30)
Moderator: Dr. Shani