[2011] SSK International Conference on Patriotism

- SSK Civic Solidarity International Conference 2011 – Title: Patriotism in East Asian Context
Social Science Korea Civic Solidarity Research Group, Korea University (SSK Civic Solidarity Research Group, KU) Grand Conference Room, Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University April 29-30, 2011

Theme Statement:

Launched in September 2010, Social Science Korea Civic Solidarity Research Group seeks to put forward a regulative ideal with empirical support on which a new paradigm for sociopolitical and economic conflict resolution can be realized. In the first three-year period, the Group is devoted to find the locus of various collective commonalities in bridging a gap between individuals as well as groups in a society, to promote the actualization of civic trust in democracy, and to examine the communicability of civic solidarity in the rapidly changing global environment.

Thinking over the appropriate ways these goals can conceptualize their research themes as well as educational schemes, we organize the international conference, “Patriotism without Nationalism,” which is based on the assumption that a kind of patriotism is different from nationalism and exists as a socio-political entity. Through this conference, we hope for a scholarly deliberation, encompassing diverse theoretical and practical experiences. At the same time, we wish to have a forum to offset the shortcomings of exclusive nationalism with patriotism as an ethical base to induce voluntary devotions from self-interested individuals for the community and to help create civic solidarity without conflicting with multicultural coexistence at the domestic level as well as the global level.

Conference Schedule

I. Opening Remark (10:00-10:20 AM)

Gil-Sung Park, Director of SSK Civic Solidarity Research Group , Professor at the Department of Sociology, Korea University

II. Session One: Patriotism without Nationalism in China (10:20-12:00 AM)

Li Quiang, Professor at the Department of Government, Peking University
“From Culturalism to Patriotism? An Analysis of Chinese Identity from Historical and Theoretical Perspectives”
Naran Bilik, Professor and Research Fellow at Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences at Fudan University
“Spatializing China without Cultural Homogeneity: An Ideal Solution”

III. Lunch Break (12:00-14:00 PM)

IV. Session Two: Patriotism without Nationalism in Japan (14:00-15:40 PM)

Koichiro Matsuda, Professor of Laws, Rikkyo University
“‘Patriotism’ and ‘Nationality’ in the 19th Century Japanese Political Thought”
Hajime Inuzuka, Associate Professor of Politics, Tohoku University
“‘Patriotism without Nationalism’ in Japan: The Case of Maruyama Masao”

V. Session Three: Patriotism without Nationalism in Korea & Taiwan (16:00-18:40 PM)

Jun-Hyeok Kwak, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science & International Relations, Korea University
“Patriotism with Nationalism: Historical Appropriations of Patriotism in Early Modern Korea”
Shi-chi Mike Lan, Assistant Professor at the Division of Chinese, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
“Resistance without A Nation: Anti-colonial Discourse in Taiwan in the 1920s”